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5 Ways to Boost AdWords Copy: As Told by a PPC Agency Cardiff

While SEO is more sustainable when it comes to boosting your site’s rankings on Google, a successfully implemented AdWords campaign will almost certainly deliver an immediate response. Better yet, Google has made it incredibly easy to establish an AdWords campaign. Simply select a few target keywords, enter your credit card details, and off you go. Unfortunately, however, it does take some time and effort if you actually want to achieve results. Like writing compelling ad copy, for example. With hundreds of business out there bidding on similar keywords, many ads are beginning to look the same. Here lies the opportunity to stand out.

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Offer Prospective Customers a Solution:

Don’t forfeit headline space on simply reiterating the search term/ keyword phrase. Instead, offer prospective customers a solution to their search query. For example, if someone were to search for “carpet cleaning Cardiff”, don’t merely ask visitors if they “Need Carpets Cleaned?”, because we already know that they do. Write something that shows visitors that you are the solution to their problem, and the best at that. In this scenario, we’d want to go for something along the lines of “Premier Carpet Cleaning – New Again in Under an Hour”. By doing so, we are addressing the end goals of the prospective customer, giving them a reason to click on your ad.

Establish Urgency:

Nothing generates interest like instilling a little bit of FOMO in the eyes of potential customers. Luckily, Google now offers a countdown timer that you can incorporate in your ad, featuring a real-time countdown to a specific event relevant to your product or service. This addition has become especially useful for e-Commerce websites. By customising your ad to state that there are only “2 days left” on a sale, or “only 1 week until Father’s Day”, click-through-rates have proven to soar.

Be Specific:

Ads which include numbers are significantly more appealing to online visitors than those which use generic copy. By doing so, visitors will be able to easily digest the message you’re trying to get across. It also makes ads look more credible, giving prospective customers confidence in your product or services. For example, our “Carpet Cleaning Cardiff” ad description should state something like this: “Over 1500 carpets cleaned in less than 2 hours” or “3 Rooms for Under $80”. Lengthy or ‘spammy’ language may deter clients from clicking on your ad. So keep it specific and accurate.

Localise Ad Copy:

Take advantage of Google’s location targeting setting, allowing you to display ads to customers in a selected geographic location. In conjunction with this, it’s highly beneficial to target potential customers with geo-specific language, even if your services are offered worldwide. The goal is to let visitors know that your business is “conveniently located” for them.

Format & Spell Check:

Ads that haven’t been properly formatted and edited look unprofessional and lazy, which in turn, makes your business look unprofessional and lazy. Avoid this at all costs. For instance, use correct casing when it comes to your headline. The first letter of each word should be capitalised. Moreover, check the spelling and grammar in your ad copy. If this isn’t necessarily your forte, there are a number of online tools available that can do this for you, such as Grammarly – an extension of Google Chrome and personal saving grace of my own.

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