Red flags to look out for when being pitched PPC

Red flags to look out for when being pitched PPC

The task of finding a good quality PPC professional can be a difficult and stressful one. If you haven’t had a referral from someone you trust, it's hard to determine their credentials. Unfortunately, there's no single one question you can ask to make sure the agency you're talking to is the right PPC partner for you, but there are some flags you can look out for during their sales pitch:

1. Performance Promises

Guaranteeing performance is near impossible. There are simply too many variables at play. Instead, the PPC expert should say something along the lines of, "If we make these three changes, we would normally expect the following outcomes." Citing typical outcomes from following best practices isn't out of the realm of normal, but what starts getting questionable is making promises like, "Yes, we can absolutely decrease your CPA by X percent." Any agency worth its salt understands the true facts of AdWords, and how to convey expectations to clients.

2. Your Current AdWords Account isn’t Salvageable

Trust me, I've encountered some appalling AdWords accounts over the years. However, there has never been an account where I couldn't find something they were doing right or that couldn’t be used in some format for future success. All the campaign settings might be setup incorrectly but there may be a great list of keywords to build upon moving forward. Your website landing pages might not be to their particular liking, but the ad copy in use might provide insights into your key products and services and how you pitch each. If a PPC expert claims they cannot find a single thing right, walk, as they are sensationalising to sell to you based on fear.

3. Have They Asked Your Business

PPC isn’t all about best practice all of the time. Sometimes, your PPC strategy and the settings reflected in the AdWords account should be based on certain aspects unique to your business. Geo targeting, call extensions, and goal conversions are just a few of these considerations. These elements should be determined by a combination of your business/marketing model, availability, customer service approach, and classification of what represents a lead or a sale. If a PPC consultant starts telling you what you should do with these and other business-specific settings before asking questions about your business, it’s highly likely they aren’t the right agency for you.

4. PPC Management Is A Dark Art And We Can’t Share The Secret With You

It’s normal for me to hand over more and more information as I get deeper into the sales cycle. I don’t jump right in on the first phone or email discussion. There’s a key message here though – “more & more information”. Expect to be included and informed on all strategies and thought processes as far as your campaign goes, and the reasoning behind each. Surprisingly there are still AdWords agencies out there that work on the “it’s magic and I can’t tell you” motto, which really means they are just being dodgy and don’t want you to know. If they don’t want to be informative, inclusive and share everything with you upfront during the sales pitch, walk.

If any of these red flags pop up during the sales pitch, ask plenty of questions and tread carefully. Seek a few more proposals, to get a feel for how different PPC consultants advise and sell.

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