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Search Engine Optimisation Bristol: 5 Reasons to Go Organic

An efficient SEO strategy is one of your company's most valuable assets, so investing time and effort in a decent campaign is of significant worth to your business. Generally speaking, there are two pathways to optimising your website, paid and organic SEO. Paid SEO primarily refers to Pay-Per-Click (PPC) whereby advertisers pay search engines every time an add is clicked. PPC ads are displayed as sponsored links at the top of the search engine results page and can be very effective in generating traffic to your website. On the other hand, organic SEO refers to methods used to gain higher rankings on search engines more naturally. Techniques usually comprise the use of keyword boosting through high quality content published online.

Many companies take a combined approach to their SEO efforts, meaning they use both paid and organic SEO techniques to boost traffic to their site. However, this is a privilege not all businesses can afford. As such, we've outlined 5 reasons why your business will benefit from an organic approach to SEO:

Greater CTR:
Organic search engine optimisation Bristol generates a significant click-through-rate (CTR) because the content on the website is generally more relevant to the keywords searched than sponsored ads. In turn, these search engine results tend to last much longer.

User Trust:
We're led to believe that websites which rank favourably on Google have earned their credibility through industry leadership, rather than having ‘paid their way to the top'; which for the most part, is true. This trust will likely translate into a high CTR and a great deal more traffic to your website. With so much spam out there these days, gaining user trust is crucial to the success of search engine optimisation Bristol.

Greater Return on Investment (ROI):
If you've selected a range of appropriate keywords, established an effective backlinking strategy and written high quality content, you can expect to see a sizeable return on your investment. This is because the cost to maintain your place on a particular search engine results page will be minimalised. You're also likely gaining more traffic to your site and selling more of your products or services.

Competitive Edge in the Online Marketplace:
If you take an enthusiastic approach to your organic SEO campaign, not only will you boost your own rankings, you can effectively block your competitors' online presence. This occurs by pushing them further down the list of search results as you climb higher.

Compared to PPC, a properly designed and optimised site will remain high in rankings for a long time. But don't become complacent if your site is ranking well. In fact, it's vital that you continue working on your organic SEO strategy by publishing fresh content on a regular basis. And don't forget, Google rewards quality over quantity, so focus on ensuring content is readable!

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