Social Media Audit

Social Media (SMM) Audit Services

A huge amount of information can be learnt from a Social Media Audit. We can learn a lot from an examination of how you manage (or don’t manage) your online brand, whether your existing efforts are bearing fruit, or whether you are off message and promoting products and services that aren’t suitable for social advertising.

Social Media Audit

What do we review in a Social Media Audit and what can you expect?

This is what an audit from Digital Marketing UK will cover:

Review Social Media profiles both existing and planned

  • 1

    Locate and document all your Social Media profiles, official and unofficial

  • 2

    Check for completion of all details on these profiles and for consistency in imagery and message

  • 3

    Confirm content being used, frequency and quality

  • 4

    Confirm your goals and review performance

  • 5

    How is your engagement performing? Is your messaging working? What type of messages have the best engagement, and what type has the least?

  • 6

    Review and identify your preferred audience

  • 7

    Consider what platforms are being used, and whether any should be culled, or new added

Examine those who do it well

  • 1

    Identify niche influencers and examine how they manage their brand on Social Media

  • 2

    Observe imagery and branding on each of their profiles

  • 3

    Measure key metrics such as followers and engagement

Make an action plan for improvements and goals for your profiles

Why it important to Social Media Audit your web site on a regular basis?

Maintaining a Social Media presence can be a time consuming job which makes it kind of difficult if your full-time job requires your time and attention be spent elsewhere. Social Media profiles can fall into disrepair quickly when left alone. A Social Media (SMM) audit can help get things back on track, along with helping map out exactly how to manage Social Media accounts, and content for each channel. On the flip side, there are those of you who actively maintain Social Media profiles and take great pain to keep everything updated and cohesive. Audits are helpful in these instances, too. They can serve as much-needed opportunities for review or validation of efforts and opportunities for growth.

SMM Audits
Social Media Audit Services

How long does an Social Media Audit take and will you walk me through the findings?

Our Social Media Audit Services take approximately 3-5 days to complete. We don’t need too much of your valuable time, other than to spend some time with you at the completion of the project to run you through the report with you face to face.

If you would like to speak to one of our Social Media consultants about a Social Media Audit for your business, we’d love to hear from you, please get in touch with us here.

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