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The Value of Visual: Social Media Marketing Bristol

It is said that 40% of people respond better to visual rather than textual information, with visual data being processed around 60 thousand times faster by the human brain than text. Whilst keeping this mind, consider how drastically communication has changed since the emergence of social media. We're now living in an age that demands instant, easy to understand messages at the click of a mouse.

As a result, content-dense websites and blogs are well and truly a thing of the past, with large chunks of text continuously being replaced by visual stimuli such as infographics, photographs, videos, memes, and so on. Twitter, one of the most popular social media channels with more than 313 million users, has a limit of just 140 characters for each written post. That's about as long as the previous sentence. Moreover, Facebook and Instagram, albeit less strict on character limits, rewards content that displays minimal text and engaging visuals. Put simply, social media has inspired a shift from tell to show.

In response to this shift, image-based social media channels and micro-blogging platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr, have grown at exponential rates. Instagram alone supports around 60 million posts uploaded every day, responded to by around 1.6 billion ‘likes'. So what does this mean for social media marketing Bristol? Essentially, having an active presence on image-based social media gives your business the opportunity to establish a personality, and earn a customer following that are personally invested in your brand. This is especially advantageous for ecommerce merchants whose customers generally seek as much information and visibility on products or services as possible, before making their final purchase decision.

With this in mind, having high-quality, sharable content on your social media portfolio is equally as important, if not more important, than having a presence at all. Poor quality, uninteresting or simply unappealing images will only work against your marketing efforts in the short and long-term. As such, it is crucial that significant time and effort is spent sourcing high-quality photos that represent your company is the most flattering way possible. Moreover, having a consistent album of outstanding photos will help establish a unique and recognisable name for your business.

Establishing a visual presence online is fundamental for social media marketing Bristol. By doing so, you can establish a unique personality for your company, effectively aligning your brand with your chosen target consumers. At Digital Marketing UK, we will create innovating and engaging posts for your business across a range of social media platforms.

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