Just what is a Toxic Backlink and what should your SEO Company in the UK do to help you?

Just what is a Toxic Backlink and what should your SEO Company in the UK do to help you?

Question: What is a Toxic Backlink?

Answer: Toxic backlinks are the unnatural backlinks from other websites that harm the search rankings of a website. Google’s Penguin update targeted this issue, and included facilities to apply a penalty to those websites that have a bad backlink profile. A Toxic Backlink can be a link to your site or an outgoing link from your site and will be considered a toxic link if Google decides it wasn’t natural and is seen as an artificial attempt to boost your Google rankings. Toxic links are also sometimes known as “unnatural links” and are considered as falling foul of Google Guidelines. Your SEO company in the UK should be aware of Toxic backlinks, and avoiding them at all costs when managing SEO campaigns on your behalf.

How do Toxic links affect my Google page rank?

Many people don’t think about it, but Googles main concern when dealing with people that use their search engine is to focus on relevance. That means that they wish to send people to only relevant or appropriate sites when a search is performed. They don’t want to send users to the wrong site, or a site that isn’t as relevant as it should be.

Therefore when considering the above statement, backlinks are very important at Google. And as such, Google keeps an eye on backlinks to websites, and so should you. So if you have an SEO company in the UK performing SEO work for you, then you should be asking to see what backlinks they’ve created for you and if they can prove they are not toxic. This is crucial, as when the number of unnatural or toxic backlinks exceed the number of good/high quality backlinks pointing to your website it creates an imbalance in your backlink profile at Google and you can view this as the alarm bells starting to ring as far as your website rankings are concerned by the search giant.

Since the Google Penguin update, if Google discovers toxic links linking to you website it is likely that you may receive a penalty. Google can impose either a Manual or an Algorithmic based penalty to your website based on their opinion of your backlinks and those that are good quality and those it deems as toxic.

What can you do about Toxic Backlinks?:

Have you asked your UK SEO Company recently for a backlink profile update? Perhaps for a backlinks analysis? If not, you definitely should. If they hesitate, or if they brush you off, then in all sincerity, you should seek a new provider for SEO in the UK.

If you have access to your Google webmaster page then you should login and take a look every so often. You will be able to see in there information on backlinks, and also if any warnings or Google penalties have been applied to your site.

In order to remove Toxic Backlinks there’s a bit of a process that must be followed. First you must contact the site owner from which the links comes from, and request that they remove the link for you. If this doesn’t work, then you can use the Google Disavow feature which means you are confirming to Google that this is a toxic link and not authorised by you/shouldn’t be used for your SEO score.

Backlink reviews should be performed every 3 months, and appropriate action taken in order to ensure you are still within Google guidelines and don’t run the risk of a warning or worse a penalty from Google.

Are you aware of your backlink profile? Do you know if all of your backlinks are safe? Want to know more? Contact Digital Marketing UK, a specialist SEO Company in the UK and we will help you get the best from your SEO.